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Luang Pu Wan

Pra Kruba Srivichai

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The golden pumpkin

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The museum of the wooden antique
likewise person of worship in Thailand

  The museum of the wooden antique likewise person of worship in Thailand.This project want to lead to the commercial and quide for tourist to visit our Thai traditional culture in our manufactures sculptures and works of art. Not only that we want to preserve our traditional culture by teach new generation person to create new products by blend traditional and modern idea. To keep the history from the past to the future and forever. And we want to branch many members to join with us. Let's come to see The new center of commercial and travel.


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The Thaimuseumworld is the museum and the
shopping place! We have many kind of wooden antique.
The special is the wooden carving likewise the persons of
worship in Thailand. And we create many antique
menufactures , art objects , and sculptures from our
Thai idea and we create by ourselves. You can register
to our membership by give us your name/company
website's name , e-mail , telephone number

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